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MSI RX 5700 XT Mech OC Low hashrate

Hi guys.

am try to overclock my RX5700 XT but seem like hash rate are not stable. when start the miner during auto-tuning hash rate are very high about 50MH+ but after sometime no idea why drop into 33~35MH

I used 0.6-194@210126 OpenCL 20.40 with teamreadminer.

one thing I saw in the console core mHz are not the same as I set on the overclock profile.

anyone help thank!

have you tried increasing your fan? ive notice the same behavior with my other card hashrate drop to 30 something when temp goes higher

Yes. 100% fan speed. may be heatsink problem

Pics of your dashboard with temperatures and OC settings

This is new card. As I saw hash rate will drop on the day and raise up in the night.


Dude, you are going to kill those cards… running the GDDR6 over 100C is a death sentence.

The hashrate is dropping because the RAM is throttling itself in an attempt to protect itself from damage.

You will need to fix the cooling on those cards… I have two MSI RX 5700 and I took the plastic backplates off the cards and put fans on the back of each card blowing on the PCB directly. This dropped the temps by 10C+. The plastic backplates actually inhibit cooling of the PCB because they block airflow and are NOT heatsinks (plastic is an insulator).

I also took the cards apart and put a small amount of thermal paste on each of the RAM thermal pads (both sides) to improve the heat transfer.

The backplate removal requires taking the heatsink off, so you might as well put some paste on each of the VRAM thermal pads while you have the heatsink off.

The backplate is held on by a few screws that are only accessible from front-side of the PCB.

Thanks for your advice Bro. I saw this model have same problem I afraid to modify the cooling it at the first time because warranty issue. if you say 100C is very bad I will fix this.

Thanks you so much for helping me.

I’m not sure about where you’re located, but in the United States, our courts ruled that removing the heatsink does not violate the warranty on a video card.

I’m sure the EU is also equally as protective.

Don’t worry about the little “warranty void if removed” sticker. It has no legal weight.

Glad to help!

This is what I has been done change thermal pad. temp still high and can’t go more than 51 mh

Did you remove the rear plastic backplate on all the cards and put a fan on the back of each of the cards?

Also, did you edit the BIOS and copy the 1500Mhz straps to the higher speeds? This got me to 55-58 Mh/s per card (with the cooling enhancements)

This is a screenshot of my Mech OC 5700 and 5700 XT in a 70F degree room

Now, your cards use Hynix RAM which is the WORST in both temperatures and performance (sorry). If you’ve already done the “straps” mod AND put a fan on the back of the cards… you might be stuck with 50Mh/s

Yes, I has been remove backplate as your suggest. But I did not mod the bios.

Thanks for your help!

Hello my friends

Could explain if the MSI RX 5700 XT works fine now?

What did you do to improve? Could you give me the settings you are using?

Hi Farkeytron,

Could you please share the original bios or the modded one for MSI RX 5700 XT Mech OC. I have the same with Micron Memory but misplaced the original bios.


I don’t have it handy… did you see this?

If you want to fix that you will have to take apart each card and replace it’s thermal pads. It’s not because they are bad but they are the wrong size and mostly wrong applied from factory.

Here is a yt video:

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