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MSI RX-5700 Rig

Hey folks, I’ve been mining for a couple of days with my new (and only) rig with 3 RX-5700 mining to Nicehash pool using ClaymoreDual.
Stock hashing rate was 49.68 MH/s (per GPU) which I boosted up to 52.95 after editing the VBIOS using Red Bios Editor to change the VRAM timings (from Igor’s Lab).

So far no Overclocking with HiveOS and seems for the most part going OK except that I get a few Claymore reboot messages throught out the day all on the same GPU2.

How can I tell which of my 3 cards is GPU2 and what do you think might be causing this issue, always on GPU2 ?


(3) “MSI RX-5700 MECH GP OC”
ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ / Celeron G3930 / 8Gb RAM

Oh no common … stop using Claymore, especially for AMD Navi.
If you want have good hashrate on pool side use TeamRedMiner.

Well I switched to RedTeamMiner this morning, still experiencing miner crash. Looking for good overclocking values st stabilize the card, specially memory speed which was the cause of Claymore crashes…
Does anybody have any examples of the OC settings for these cards ??!

Which your current OC settings for this cards?

Actually I don’t have any (yet), just the bios modifications to the memory straps from Igor’s Labs. However I’ve manage alleviate the problem by adding the additional power connectors (PL4 Molex) to the BTC+ board (even though the user’s guide say it’s not needed if you are using 3 GUPs or less). Yesterday it mined with RedTeamMiner for about 12hrs (53 MHz per card) @~96-98C on all three GPUs with no issues at all until today at about 1am. Since then I restarted the miner about 8 times in the span of 5 hours. Still mining now (7:50am). I’ll do some research today on TeamRedMiner to see what is the cause of this “GPU is DEAD” message that reboots the miner.

I left the bios as stock and use 1400 core clock and 920 memory clock to get 53MH also they run at about 120W