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MSI RX 570 8BG /help Low Hashrate


New miner here, I’ve just setup my first rig and I don’t know why but I just can’t seem to be able to ‘tweak’ the setting one of my card.

Can someone help me?


If you want help, you need to provide a lot more information.

Put ALL of your rig information in your post.

Mining ETH on Hiveon with Teamredminer.

Those are 3 used GPU’s, I didn’t change bios or anything.
I’ve installed Hiveos, than ‘tweak’ them there.

Let me know if you need more infos.


Using deduction, the common element here is the memory type… you can’t treat the card with Hynix RAM the same as the cards with Micron RAM


You will need to set the overclocks differently, or flash the BIOS with custom straps to squeeze more hash out of that one.

I would also suggest you turn your DPM and MDPM settings to 1 since 0 tends to use the default. You will end up using less power. I am currently setting up a 12 card, RX580 rig and here are the settings for my test bench of 3 cards, hopefully these can help. I also used Polaris Bios Editor 1.7.3 to mod the cards, beware though there are plenty of versions of PBE floating around and most don’t work.

For example I used the 1.7.4 before and the modded bios had no change in hashrate but the 1.7.3 version did it. I am getting 31.7 on all cards. Here are the settings if you want to take a look. Also do not trust the power figures for RX series cards from HiveOS or WIndows, both OSes show ~75W consumption but measuring at the wall gives me ~125W for each card.

Thank you, I’ll try that

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