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MSI RTX3080 Suprim X

I have two MSI RTX3080 Suprim X cards on a rig that boots to HiveOS (Linux) and both hash at about the same rate, 93MH. Power is set to 260 for both. The core clock is stock, not changed at all. The memory clock is in HiveOS as 1300.

I’ve read some have gotten these cards to 99+MH on HiveOS but those references don’t provide details so, it could be BS, I don’t know but I do think the MSI card should be able to get rates as good or better than my EVGA FTW3 RTX3080.

In HiveOS, the memory clock, is that number I put in replacing the stock clock or adding to it? So if the stock clock is, for easy discussion, 1000 and in HiveOS I put 1000 for the memory, is that really 2000 or does my 1000 just replace the stock 1000 for a net zero change.

I’ve asked HiveOS but never got a straight answer.

I have never got any better then 96 mh/s on the Suprim X, if i do higher OC it throttles/crashes.
This is the settings that have been soild for months.

I have also read/seen that the suprim x cards hashes is between 92-97 mh/s.

Put memory clock in hive to 1600 ( this is +800 in windows)

If you add number in Hive it replace the stock clock with the number you add.

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For me, anything above 1300 causes a crash. True of both cards.

FTW3S are tuff to beat.
I try to buy only those gpus.
Msi is so overpriced for what u get.

I couldn’t agree more.

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