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MSI RTX3080 10GB VBIOS update

Hello All,
I have a MSI RTX 3080 10G & a EVGA RTX 3080 10G card and I wanted to update the VBIOS for it. I went through this link to flash the vbios ( but the current version does not open the Polaris BIOS editor i.e. step 6 does not work. There is no proper guide to back up the Original VBIOS in case we want to roll back to the original version. So I was looking for a step by step guide on flashing the VBIOS and do not want to Brick my RTX 3080 card. I have below versions i.e one is a MSI and one is EVGA (LHR) versions. Any link or guide to flash these cards would be helpful.

GeForce RTX 3080 10018 MB · MSI
Micron GDDR6X · · PL 100 W, 320 W, 320 W

GeForce RTX 3080 10018 MB · EVGA
Micron GDDR6X · · PL 100 W, 380 W, 400 W

The Polaris Editor is only for A M D cards…!!! Do not flash the Nvidia because u may bricked…

Yeah… Sorry. I looked at the wrong link. I think this is correct link. ( But even this does not provide info about how to back up the current VBIOS from the card and then flash the new VBIOS.

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