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MSI RTX 3080 LHR gaming z trio there is a problem with the hash

Hello, please help. I can use MSI rtx 3080 z trio video card at a maximum of 90 MHz, I can not do it higher, how to make it reach 100 MHz?

flash a asus strix or evga ftw3 bios on it, the default bios is limited

msi surprime bios will not help?

you can try, but i dont believe it works in linux for full hashrate. i use the evga ftw3 non lhr bios on my nonlhr gaming z trio

[quote=“keaton_hiveon, post:2, topic:77442”]
asus strix или evga ftw3
[/quote]asus strix or evga ftw3, which one is better? what is the difference?

different power limits, probably different boost clocks as well. you can look on techpowerup, differences should be listed. test and see which works best for you. on mine with the ftw3 bios the power draw shows in the software is about 30% higher than actual. still the same ~220w at the wall at 100mh though.

Are there any risks that the video card may turn off and not connect to change the bios?

theres always some risk, its very slim unless you lose power or physically unplug it during

Thanks for the answers

can you tell me which version of the bios you replaced?

I just used the latest bios, you don’t want to use the one I used if your card is lhr though.

in which case which one should I use?

Use a bios that isn’t limited from a card that has the same amount of pcie 8pin power connectors and lhr type

I changed the BIOS with EVGA, FTW3 ULTRA HYBRID LHR, I reached 102mh / s, but the video card heats up and costs a lot, I try to change something to hide less and spend less

Works fine, writes 300+ watts, but actually consumes 220-230 watts

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Sometime it is error by the graphic card failure. I am using AMD Graphic card for almost 3 years and is it quite good in performance.

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