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MSI RTX 3080 Gaming Z Trio Hashrate

Hi, i have RTX 3080 and Hashrate 50.48Mh. Flash VBios i have done, I still have the low values. Please can someone help me?

LHR card?

Unfortunately I bought an LHR, and now I can’t return the card I bought. In one form, someone was saying that he flashed the 3080 Z Trio to the Suprim X. I have no idea how it will turn out?

I exactly have same issue.
I cant return the card and my card doesnt mine at all .
If you find any solution pls let me know.

Thats not LHR remove all OC settings and reboot, you will get 87 MH thats the maximum

I can get 93-94 mhs on msi 3080 gaming trio z non lhr. Core 300. Memory1600. Fan 65. 203watts

As for msi 3080 gaming trio lhr
Core 1100
Memory 1600. Power 204watt. Getting about 63-64 mhs

I ran on trex and nbminer.

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