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MSI RTX 3070 Gaming X Trio - Same Model but different hashrate

Why do you worry about low temperatures?
Like I said. The air condition is on 22 hours per day. That’s why the temperatures are 35-39 degrees.
41-46 degrees when it’s off.
What is wrong with low temperatures, when my Chia plotter at the same time benefits from it?

With the settings +1100, +2620 and 125 i get 62 MH on each card and 1% stale shares on Ethermine.

Cryptobitch has already helped with everything and it’s running smoothly.

Set ur fan Auto to 50c, you dont need your fans going at 80% all the time. High fan speed also effect wattage, more wattage more heat.
Also, if your using absolute core then set your power limit to 0.

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Stale shares have nothing to do with core temp.
Stale shares are from internet connection instability

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I use NBminer or Gminer. I get more hash and less wattage.
Trex and pheonix arent great for my 3070s at all. I never use them

But why is it that I only get stale shares on one of the graphic cards (GPU 3 - Ventus 3X)?
And the same with the 0% Fan error, so I have to restart the rig every time.

I will try NBminer today. I tried T-Rex miner, but I had the wrong OC settings, so I got a lot of invalid shares and went back to Phoenix miner, where I only had some problems with reboot miner.

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Depends how often you get them. If your getting them constantly, on the same card, on every miner, then u need to lower overclocks on that card.
If you only get one or 2, every day or 2 then i wouldn’t worry about it.
I have a card that gets one maybe every 24hrs, on NBminer, but nothing on GMiner. Buti get higher hashrates and slightly lower hash on Gminer.
They key is to keep everything consistent as possible to u can narrow down ur problem.
Same exact oc settings, everything.
1060 core
2300 memory
0 Power limit
And 50c
If any card keeps getting invalids then i suggest lower memory by 25 increments until its one or two every 24 hours or so.

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It’s not a lot. 1-4 in 24 hours on that card. But my questions was. Why is it only that card?
Nothing is wrong with the two other cards.

1-4 isn’t bad. If all else fails then lower ocs 25 , wait a day and see if stops

Its called manufacturing. No card is manufactured completely equal with so many components making up one gpu. They call it silicon lottery

because they cant be 100% identical during manufacturing. also they cant be used all under the same exact conditions. so there happens to be a bit of a variance.

But it’s not invalid shares. It’s stale shares = Network connections.

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Show us the stale shares


Hi, it also may be a problem caused by different riser models or manufacturers.
On the other hand I would not recommend to anyone to go with memory OC above 2400 Mhz if you’re in it for a long run. I myself still am ever more hungry for hashrate, but I’m even more careful not to burn them precious circuits.


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What Core settings would you then go for with only 2400 in Memory Clock?
I believe if i lower it to only 2400, I will only get 50 MH with 1100 in Core.

Right now with 1100, 2600, 80 and 125 im getting 62.15 - 62.38 MH

Ethermine 200+ (99%) valid shares and 1% stale shares.

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For past 2 months I’ve been mining different coins with different miners and algorithms. I noticed, every single algorithm is a bit bit more heavy on either one of three COC MOC or PL. Also I think all of you guys are a little too panic about temperatures. If RTX3070 used for gaming, it can easily operate even at 76 or 77 degrees. I never go that high, but 55 or 60 degrees I think is ok. You can’t just say 2400Mhz for memory and how many MHz on core because you also need take under consideration what coin, miner, algorithm you’re overclocking to and then try to adjust 4 parameters to it.


You also may want to look at overclocking in terms of driving a car. When I go 140km/h, my RPMs are about 2800 and fuel efficiency is about 8 litres of petrol per 100km. 160km/h RPM’s and fuel usage rise disproportionately high. So it’s not really a big advantage to have RTX3070 running at max of what you can get because you easily risk for it to tear down after maybe 2 years. Go 1Mh/s lower per card and have the cards running 5 years instead.

Thank you for a great answer.
I have lowered the Memory to 2400 and with T-Rex miner it still looks great and I still get 200+ valid shares on Ethermine.


You also may want to bring down CC to -350Mhz and it still should be running smoothly. And why do you keep mentioning ‘ethermine’. I wonder if you mean ethermine mining pool or just maybe you mean mining ethereum on Hive OS :slight_smile:

good luck

Or course Etermine Pool with 200+ Valid shares :joy:

I will stick to a + CC, for lowering the Watt and get the same Hash rate on each card as I was recommended above.

Thank you.

The 1100 core is absolute core clock.
It lowers power while maintaining hashrate.
If your not using it then ur missing out.

Power Limit lowers power. Once power limit is set, the power per card is being distributed by the card to core and memory; therefore if an algo requires more power for memory like in the case of ethereum and if you bring down Core it’ll be running with no drop to hashrate and putting less presure on Core. My rig has been running like this since the beginnig of May, and there was no single problem with it.