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MSI Reference RX 480 4GB Hynix High Sensor Power Consumption (215 watts at the wall)

Any ideas?

You have checked Aggressive undervolting, but haven’t input desired voltage in Core Voltage field. Start with 900 and go down from there until you see card become unstable… Also, you can set Mem State to “1”.

I tried these settings too… Still at 105 watts sensor power consumption

I am looking at my RX470 and HiveOS is reporting between 50W and 60W per card with settings Core clock 1100, Core State 6, Core voltage 825, Mem clock 2150, Mem State 1. With aggressive undervolting checked.

I just realized my hive version is 0.5-53 is this different from the new version? I’m upgrading and going to try your settings

Yes, newer version of HiveOS is required for Aggressive undervolting to work…

Got it running at 160 total system (112.5 on GPU) Thanks again!