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MSI Radeon 6600 with Micron. Overclock setting

Please do you know good stable setting for RX 6600 non XT MICRON OVERCLOCK SETTING
Please ….

That will depend on your unique card. You have to trial and error to find the best settings per card

Micron has been real struggle for me. Right now I’m running 900 630 630 950 1250. The upside is it runs stable at these settings. The downside is it runs at about 20w higher than my Hynix cards.

I have several RX 6600 GPUs and the ones with Micron memory are a challenge.

The Gigabyte GPUs are: 28.91 hash rate at 44 watts in the software. Settings: 970 650/650/1200 950

The Sapphire with Micron are: 28.90 hash rate at 48 watts in the software. Settings: 930 640/650/1150 950

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