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Msi P67A-GD65 i7 2600k 4th GPU wont work

Hi , im using an older Desktop PC to mine on . Right now im running 2 1660 super and 1 3060 ti without ans issues . I got an other 1660super but when i Plug that into the Mainboard i Just get Something Like this .

Anyone has an Idea how to fix this ?
I looked into the BIOS but couldnt find any PCI e settings there .

its supposed to work, just reset your motherboard bios and try to update everything

What do you mean by reset BIOS ? Im running the latest BIOS on it.

reset to the factory setting and try to get good setting on internet, but at list you have to enable 4G decoding and other mining feature and disable what you dont need in BIOS and maybe you can find a solution because iā€™m mining with a similar CPU and motherboard and its working good bro

Do you have the latest HiveOs version?

Thanks for the quick answer. Will try it for sure.

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No problem tell me if you need anything

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