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MSI Mech 2X 6600 overheat / fans off after every reboot

So I have this issue that’s come up with my 6600 (non xt)
any time I do a system reboot the fans are at 0%.
It will not turn the fans on, even when mem temps is 90 degrees.
I have to go in and manually set them to get them to turn on, then if I go and remove the manual setting they default to 80%.
Is anyone else having this issue?
I am not currently using autofan.

anyone with a 6600?? Any ideas?

I have RX6600XT (one MSI and one Gigabyte). Same story. After every reboot fan gets stuck on zero. The only way to use an auto fan is to manually put any value (like 50%) to kick in the fan and after a minute turn it back down to zero (meaning auto).
The rig has a bunch of RX6600 as well but they’re working just fine on auto.
Has anyone got these issues solved?

So your 6600xt doesn’t work but 6600’s do?
I only have a 6600 that’s doing it.

Yes, this issue is only with 6600XT, and I have no issues with my other 6600 (non-XT).
I think I found a solution. Still testing and waiting for the reboot tomorrow to make sure but looks like you can fix it if you get global AutoFan settings on. On the very top menu, we have “AutoFan”. This should be on to keep GPUs happy since new replacement fans are cheap. It will keep the fans running to get to the specific temps. I think anything below 60* should be fine. I’ll test it and let you know.