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MSI GTX 1660 Gaming X(non-super non-Ti) OC Help

Hey Y’all!

Ive been racking my brain with this card. Ive searched the forums and reddit but its hard to sift through the super and ti cards. Ive tried tons of pre-set over clocks and other various setting but cant get my hashrate on the GTX 1660 any higher. If i am able to increase the hashrate, Im flooded with invalid shares. It has the Samsung GDDR5 and I’ve read those are usually better for performance. Did I just lose the silicone lottery on this or is this the norm with these cards? Any advice will help.

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Ive tried T-Rex and GMiner with similar results.

I got this but I am trying to get one that uses less power for the 1660, its really hard to find a good OC for this card.

-200 core 1400 mem 70 pl gets 25 mh, still looking for better though

hello i have too, not better than 25 🥲

-200 1400 is the best i can come up with too!

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