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MSI GTX 1070 vs Palit GTX 1070 settings and mining rate

Hello Together,
I’m a little bit curious about hash and power rate of my two cards mining ETH.

Card 1: MSI Gaming Notebook with an MSI 1070:

Mining rate t-rex-0.20.1-win: ~24MH/s, T:~64°C, P:80W, E:~300kH/W

Card 2: Palit GTX 1070 Dual Specs | TechPowerUp GPU Database
Inside an Tower, running HiveOS, latest version, t-rex v.0.20.3

How is that possible that the MSI Card is taking ~47W less power, bit has nearly the same mining rate?
How can I configure the Palit Card to consume also only 80W with the same mining rate as the MSI Card?
I tried already to play around a little bit with the cpu clock, bit the the mining rate drops dramatically…
Can I just say consume only 80W and the card will do everything by itself?

U gotta compare it right by doing the test in both systems, Linux and windows. U can’t compare a Linux result with a windows result, as an exemple, some RX 6000 series works better at the moment in windows, but most of the cards works best in Linux due to do not have GUI operations. Compare in the same system and plot the result again.

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