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MSI Gaming x trio 3070 oc settings

I’d like to see the settings of friends using this card.

I have the tuf rtx3070 and they’re pretty similar. I’ve had to adjust very slowly and I don’t think I’m done. Lots of rejected until I settled on this, still running a little high wattage I think, but I was sleepy. Will continue working on it tomorrow. Go slow.

Core -100
Mem 1900

58.9 Mh

last status ? :slight_smile:

Seems like everything I do introduces rejections. Still learning.

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Dude, apply a 40 second delay on the overclock settings.

Now I’m getting 61.13 and I’m still slowly increasing it. No rejected.

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I got this… still trying to find good setting for gpu#1

what settings are you using? can you send a printscreen?

Tuf 3070 and 5700 xt
I haven’t done any bios work on the 5700 xt because I’ve been trying to get the 3070 working. It is now. That 40 sec delay was magic.

Try to run one miner for nvidia and one for amd

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