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MSI Gaming X cannot able to 97-100 mh/s

I have a MSI 3080 gaming x trio with changed thermal pads and thermal paste to thermal grizzy and try in windows 10 I managed to make 101 mh/s but in hive os, I can’t when I try to apply my overclock settings in hive os I can get only around 85 mh/s with same overclock settings and low power usage

my settings are in afterburner
-200 1000 usage 230w 101 mh/s
my settings in hive os
-200 2200 240 usages around 190-200 w and 83-85 mh/s

You need just more power for the Hashrate. Minimum is 220 Watt for my 3080. Under 220 Watt the hashrate will decrease independet from the OC settings.

My settings for a blower version of the 3080. Therefore not to much memory oc. I think it is the max for this card.
1110 (Locked core clock )
235 power limit
Gives me:

As good as no rejected shares. I know it is not hive OS but should be the same here…

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