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Continuing the discussion from MSI GAMING X 3060 Ti LHR OVERCLOCK PROBLEMS:

Hi guys I definitely solved problem with this MSI 3060Ti card . I flashed new bios under Hive. Loaded from tech powerup . VGA Bios Collection: MSI RTX 3060 Ti 8 GB | TechPowerUp
Changed for DE. Result is bellow (30W consumption down per card (not true only reporting) and 7-9 MH/s up per card).

I have one of those cards as well, also changed bios to Ventus one and MH went up, but power draw is similar, card is wrongly reporting it beacouse Gaming X have two power conectors and Ventus got just one and ventus bioss isnt reporting aditional power draw from that 2’nd conector. So if you calculate rig power draw add thos number to avoid power suply over watage.

Hi I , think you are right , I did it remotely and I cant test if it reports similar values as from wall .
But all 3060Ti cards have consumption around 125-150 W (ETH) then no reason to draw less power.

I’m having the same exact issue. After flashing Ventus bios hashrate goes up, but I get the card malfunction error after reboot and it doesn’t mine.

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