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MSI B360-F Pro Motherboard

Hello Folks,

I’m running a MSI B360-F Pro motherboard and G4920 processor planning on going for the full 18 gpu (rx470 mining edition cards)

I’m struggling to get my miner to see more than 3 gpu. when its up and running the hashrate isn’t great 16mhs (eth) can drop to 9mhs.

Any ideas ?

PS I’ve also had PCI out of resources condition warning on the bios (only 4 gpu which I find really odd). Running the Newest BIOS. Above 4G Memory is enabled

Thanks in advance for any advice


How many RAM installed on your MB ?
For config that you planned to run need at least 8G.

Also not clear what GPUs you are trying to install

Hey running Sapphire Radeon RX 470 Mining edition 8192MB GPU’s. Rig has 8gb of Memory



Not sure about 18 cards, but at least 15 should be works fine.
The maximum number of cards also depends on the miners (mining software) and not only on the operating system or drivers.

Not sure a G4920 cpu has enough threads to run that many gpu cards.