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MSI 5700xt Mech dying every couple of minutes

Hi guys, I have a MSI 5700xt Mech with Micron memory. I bios moded following this post using the apple straps.

After replacing the pads and removing the back plate Im having "good" temperatures, but I cant say the same about the stability.

I have a 5700 (non XT) at 930MHz on the memory doing 57.2MHs on TRM, but this one I can`t keep stable.

I already tried go as low as 850MHz on the memory but it kept dying.
Right now I gave up and I`m trying to use it stock (with the bios mod) just the fan on 100% ant it keeps crashing TRM.

Does anyone have a clue what`s going on?

Hello My friend, could share the oc configs?

I have the MSI 5700xt Micron memory, without biosmod, works for you the procedure?

Hi Renato, sure!

All the 5700s and 5600s are using apple straps and the power table configs of the post I mentioned.

GPU5 is the “bad” one… 840 mhs is the most “stable” I can let it run… even at 840 I still get GPU dead… but at least the whole rig isnt turning off anymore. I`m also using both 6pin PCI-e cable and molex (from the same PSU) to power the riser.

Similar issues here. MSI 5700 XT Mech -Bios modded, ample PSU wattage (1000W) and this is the closest I can get to stable and even this still dies every now and again


if you want , u can contact me telegram @kenshinji59 maybe i can help you

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