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Msi 3080 power issues. Please help!

Hi everyone. A new msi 3080 lhr seems look with a power wall lhr. I read bout this issues online. Anyone can help me ? I think it’s a bios issues.

pretty common issue with some MSI bios’. youll need to flash another bios to overcome the arbitrary limit if setting the power limit manually to 380w doesnt help.

I heard that mining operate with window nicehash has no this power limit issue. Is it true?

thats possible. but flashing another bios will let it work in hive too. then you can continue dual mining as well. im running an evga ftw3 fhr bios on my msi gaming z trio fhr, before that i could only get ~89mh/s

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you are right! One of miner advice me flash my Galax 3080ti GPU as well. But it can come with risks of warranty, GPU not recognize in system? So, my question is that Hiveos or NBminer come out any update to overcome this issue? Since 100% LHR unlock was possible.

its not an lhr limitation, its a bios power limit limitation

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I think you are right. If don’t want to flash GPU. have to try Window. Btw, I have another GPU gainward 3080ti with core 1650, memory 3400, 0 PL. but hashrate 112Mh/s only. But power consumption is 280w, this power consumption should can get 120mhs last time.

You should be able to lower the core quite a bit. The goal is to find the lowest core clock that maintains full hashrate

Before I updated Hiveos from 0.6-217@220516 to 0.6-217@220518. I can get 120Mh/s. After Updated my power wattage dropped to 270W and hashrate become 115Mh/s. So, I set so aggressive setting to get back my power to 280W. Unfortunately, my hashrate still below 120Mh/s. I heard that people complaint this issue at other forum as well.

I downgraded my Hiveos version. But can’t help up to get 120Mh/s. because 0.6-217@220516 version no more in the list. I am using 0.6-216@220524 now

What kernel and driver are you on?

5.10.0-hiveos #110


Try around 1350 core and 2000 mem and restart the miner.


Slowly work your way up on the memory, going from 2000 to 3400 should be a lot more difference than 2mh.

Also my is a gaming z trio. Can you suggest me
A link to download the bios ?

You should be able to find a compatible bios on Techpowerup. Just make sure to use a bios from a card with the same amount of 8 pin pcie power connectors as yours, and one with matching lhr or non lhr to your model.

Today I tried to dismantle all my GPUs and installed back to rig again. Amazingly… Gainward 3080ti can get 120Mh/s now. But Galax still lock at 264W and 99Mh/s. Dilemma to flash the Galax to EVGA bios…

This is my new rig - 3 MSI rtx3080 Ventus .

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any problem of your 3080?

Can you download and send me the vbios from hiveos ?