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MSI 3080 gaming x trio hasrate

Hii l have purchased 2 MSI 3080 gaming x trio,
It has 92.5 mhs and 84.5 mhs, I’ve 3 3080 Gainward and they awesome with coreclock setting can reach 99,3.
What should I do with this cards.
Note, it’s new and running on etash, T-Rex.

Replace thermal pads

It’s new, are you have experience with this card?

It doesn’t matter if it’s new. Lots of 3080s have poor t.pads, that cause thermal throttling.

you ask him to do a risky manipulation without even asking for the OC values …

Poor miner !

Seeting please ?

i have 3080, safe setting:
Core: 1060
memory 2200
Pl: 230

I change memory setting 2200 to 2400 => 100.3Mhs
Driver nvidia: 470.63.01
Gminer 2.64

Don’t use last update hiveos, is buggy: stable hashrate is 0.6-206@210810 or earlier versions

1 Coreclock 950 mem 1200 absolut 84.81 mhs
2. Coreclock 1000 mem 1200 absolut, 91,45 mhs
Just MSI like this I’ve gainward and it’s get 99.40 with absolutcoreclock
Miner t-rex v. 0.21.4
Hive os 06. 205@210719
D nvidia 460.67

If you have a minumum experience in mining, you should know that MSI and Gigabyte are the wrost cards to manage thermal.
Aside from that, every owner of 3080 and 3090 should change t.pads by default. This should be mandatory to mantain stability over time and to preserve the life of cards.

OP stated that was doing 99 mhs with his other cards, so you should not be a genius to understand which kind of OC he applied.

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