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Msi 3080 gaming x trio 10g

Hi all,
I have purchased 4 MSI 3080 GAMING X TRIO 10G cards to create a rig for mining ETH. I’ve tested the following VBIOSs: MSI SuprimX, EVGA, ASUS. None of them work great (efficiency is way below 400kH/W, observed by reading the wall meter too)

In the end, I have reverted to stock VBIOS which is the one for gaming x trio and has this version:

I have applied the following settings: FAN: 100; CORE: -300; MEM: 2500; PL: 210. These settings are applied using HiveOS, that’s why the MEM looks so high, as it needs to be doubled.

The hash rate is as follows:

GPU #0: MSI RTX 3080 - 92.41 MH/s, [T:40C, P:207W, F:100%, E:449kH/W], 621/621 R:0%
GPU #1: MSI RTX 3080 - 82.57 MH/s, [T:39C, P:209W, F: 98%, E:395kH/W], 577/577 R:0%
GPU #2: MSI RTX 3080 - 91.96 MH/s, [T:41C, P:205W, F: 98%, E:451kH/W], 607/607 R:0%
GPU #3: MSI RTX 3080 - 77.11 MH/s, [T:41C, P:209W, F:100%, E:369kH/W], 520/520 R:0%
Hashrate: 344.05 MH/s, Shares/min: 3.484 (Avr. 4.792), Avr.P: 828W, Avr.E: 416kH/W
Uptime: 8 hours 5 mins 40 secs | Algo: ethash | T-Rex v0.20.4
WD: 8 hours 5 mins 41 secs, shares: 2325/2325

2 of the cards are doing a decent job, but 2 of them are just not performing.
Does anyone have any suggestions on improving things or some explanation as to why 2 of the cards are behaving that bad?

Here are some horrific thermals:

And we wonder why mem stays in 104C!?!??

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