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MSI 3060Ti LHR power consumption issue

I have a single MSI 3060Ti LHR Gaming X mining RVN with T-rex. My issue is that power consumption is way too high I guess: 270W from wall. All the other hardware consumes ~30 Watts, so the card alone consumes 240W. Settings: 1300 core, 2000 mem, 140 PL (but whatever I set, consumption remains the same), 29MH/s. Do you know how should I lower the consumption? With same setup, just MSI 5700XT instead of 3060Ti (and TRM instead of T-rex) consumes 175-180W from wall @ 24-25MH/s, card alone 145-150.

What does the software show power consumption as?

The issue was basically that I flashed the card’s BIOS to another card’s BIOS (MSI Ventus 2x, then Palit) because I read somewhere that the factory BIOS restricts hashrate for this specific card. After that, power consumption reported in HiveOS (and also in Windows) was roughly half of the real consumption (so it consumed almost twice as much power at wall as normally), however during mining ETH the difference was not that much, I only realized this when switched to RVN.

Reflashing the original BIOS was a bit tricky, eventually I had to switch to an older version of nvFlash (2021 July I think) to be able to force update back the BIOS to the factory version, because the newest version always reported that no compatible BIOS found or something like that. This was the case in HiveOS and also in Windows. Now power consumption reporting is accurate again, however the low hashrate issue reappeared, I get around 25MH/s at 150W for RVN. I wait for an nVidia driver with full LHR unlock, maybe it helps.

Now I have a rig with AMD RX6400 and this card, however the AMD works only with an older version of HiveOS that you proposed around a week ago (5.15.0 - hiveos #33 H 0.6-216). When I try to upgrade nVidia driver, I get the following error:
WARNING: this version is incompatible with kernel 5.15
Do you have a solution for this? Or maybe I should remove the RX 6400 if I get 4-5 more MH/s from the nVidia with the newest driver - newest hiveOS combo…