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MSI 3060 ti overclock settings?

Hi Guys

I have a new MSI 3060 Ti added to my rig. i have tested different overclocking settings but i still keep getting invalid shares .
Could someone please help with some settings that work ?
Thank you


please be inspired with mine ones, I have several 3060Ti GPU models, check the bios versions below.
Just to note, the rig is in the garage and the temperature is near 10 °C. I do not think you will reach such settings at the room temperature. Try to use the same driver and hive os version. I got more invalid shares when using the last driver version (460). I have noticed, the gpus starts throttling a little bit when reaching 50°C and more (at least it seems to be so for the 2 fan models - i have one Gigabyte 3060Ti Eagle - it is the second 3060Ti in the list)

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thank you

Hi, try with PL around 125-126 for 3060ti should be enough. and memory it depends from the card, i have always above 2600 core 502

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