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MSI 1660 Super - stock and overclocked Mh/s

Hello to every one,

Just ordered 2 X MSI GeForce GTX 1660 Super 6GB Ventus XS OC. I’m new to hive OS,

How to push them to their MAX Mh/s? I need to Flash BIOS and then to use the suggested settings from other users in the overclock tab?

Can someone suggest a guide?

I m really sorry my questions might be really noob :stuck_out_tongue:

i just installed 2 of this card with Hynix vram, using this settings:

CC -220
MC -1004
PL 71
I’m doing 31,8mh/s that is a good starting point

hello Gupise,

Thank you for your reply.

You just used these settings in overclocking tab right, no flash bios to the cards?

Without flashing cards

Nice, thank you very much for your answer. I’ll try my own, I m waiting for 2 cards on Monday :slight_smile:

So, to understand something here. Nvidia does not need flashing?? Only AMD cards?

hynix -1004 beautiful
What settings should be made for micronn

Hi there,

2 Gpu are working fine MAX speed. I added one more card and the speed is 27.5 Mh/s.

What Am I missing here?

Hello there,

i have following card GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER5944 MB· ZOTAC DDR6 Samsung.
using oc setting
MEM -1004
PL 70
Getting hashrate of 28.57 max./ how much i up and down the mem up to -1010 or -900 or PL at 85 or 80 nothing changes. i try core clock -150 nothing. Can anyone guide me what setting should i use.


I am facing overheating issue compaird with the similer card. Both natively installed on the Motherboard (Asus Z490P) PCIe slots x16 and x4 respectively. The one on the x16 slot overheating even I tried swaping the cards still same.

I just loaded a 1660 Super MSI with Hynix GDDR6. the card seems to have problem of shutting off the fans, is that common? I read forum where that is part of the Zero Frozr feature. Has anyone seen any issues with this on HiveOS? is there a way to override that?

Hey. Ive got 3 1660 super samsung mining on ethash, hiveospool, trexminer

Set my core at 1100. Mem 2200 PL 71
Been running stable for 24hours plus

Any advice?

palit 1660 s ddr6
this is my confi

With this config I have
20% above 35.00
70% above 34.00
10% below 34.00

with " t-rex & nbminer " miner :kissing_heart:

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