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Moving Hiveos From Live USB To SSD

Hi, this maybe already answered somewhere but I am curious about this my SSD is running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS which at one stage I used as my mining rig OS.

I then accuried a few amd gpus which at the time
I was running nvidia gpus in the rig i had a really hard time trying to configure the drivers nothing seemed to work so I gave up on Ubuntu 22.04 I did some research and came across Hiveos and Flashed it to a usb and booted it up after a minor learning experience with flightsheets and miner configurations my rig runs all the amd and nvidia gpus no issues

My main question I want to move Hiveos from the usb to the ssd if I move the Hiveos over using the fdisk -l command and using the right command I.e
dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/sda bs=10M count=800 status=progress

Does this overwrite Ubuntu and then replaces it with Hiveos

or do I need to format the ssd and if so how do I format the ssd as I don’t want to use Ubuntu 22.04 anymore and want the os to be Hiveos on the ssd and get rid of the usb.

(If the SSD needs to be formatted can you format it from within the Hiveos live USB)

No need to format, dd will overwrite everything including partitions

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Thank you for the reply :+1:t3: