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Moved Nvidia rig to hive, looking to match quickminer

Hi all, I recently made the jump to move my rig over from Nicehash quick miner to hive, mainly as I want to mine directly to pools and without the cut from NH and I tried it with my smaller AMD based rig first and found it to be better for stability.

My issue is translating the settings to get peak performance out of the nvidia cards the same as QM, I attach a screenshot of my qm and hive settings but I find without voltage controls and memory settings being in the same format I’m not able to hit the 100% accepted shares and stability I found with QM software. !

Could anyone give me some tips to reduce the invalids and maximise the output?

Current overclocks

I don’t have any of those cards to give you any feedback on individual cards. But generally using absolute values for the core tends to work better. I think there are several threads you can search for in this forum for what others have found to be good settings for those cards.

ended up like this after tweaking and a bad riser swap, have had no crashes and very few invalid shares.
rigs done as far as cards and PSU capacity, running 2 x 1000x Corsair PSU’s and a 600w coolermaster for a couple of additional risers.

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