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Moved from ETH to BTG mining and have no temps / fans readings and high load

I was mining ETH on 12 GPU 1060 6gb rig and using claymore miner, (and before that ZEC using dstm miner) and has no problems. A few days ago I moved to mine BTG using EWBF Zec.miner-zhash and suddenly I have “high load average” massage , no temp or fans readings and all of the GPU’s are marked as messing units.

The rig is mining just fine (hash rate as it should be) and if I connect via ssh I can’ see that there are readings for temps and fan. There is no overclock setting besides 75W power limit .

I do get one error message: " Autofan: GPU driver error, no temps"

Some more pics

Your cards seems like has wrong OC parameters. If you recently did’t update drivers then it’s could be main reason.

I did the recent HiveOS upgrade with the new NVIDIA drivers I have no oveclock done besides the 75W power limit. And as I said if I look at the miner via ssh / attached screen I can see temps and fan speed

I’m pretty sure that one of your card causing error in NVidia driver

Maybe, but I just transferred on more rig from ETH to BTG with same result