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Move a few rigs to [email protected]

I’m interested in using a few rigs for [email protected], I have tried searching the forum, but I must be missing any posts relating to this.
I do not want to change OS, on my miners. I would like to just set [email protected] as one of my flight sheets, to connect to my team. So far, all I have learned is, change OS, or modify Ubuntu/HiveOS, Or change to full Ubuntu then add Hive and then add FAH. seems like there should be a much more simplistic way that I seem to be missing, I’m sure this has been a topic at some point, right?

Did you create a flight sheet and select fah-cli as the coin and fill it out?

I manually typed it in and it is there, I did not know to manually enter in FAH-CLI. now for the wallet, it ask for an address, what goes in this box?

your username

Thankyou, your time and knowledge is appreciated.