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Motherboard setup b450 plus ii

hi people, i´m quite new to this. Can´t make motherboard asus tuf b450 pllus ii work with 5 rtx 3090 gpus, It just recognizes 2 of them. Can´t anyone help me get it work? Surely it´s a bios setup thing
I use a lynux pendrive
cpu athlon 3000g
the mb has 2 long pci and 3 short ones, it only work with the long ones.

I think you will always have problems with the 3000G and 5 GPUs;

Athlon 3000G has 6x PCI lanes, Integrated Vega graphics uses 2 lanes only leaving 4 lanes for external GPUs.

thanks for the answer, I bought a BTC-D37 BOARD, and it works good with 4 gpus, not 5. Any way, i could only made the previous set up with 2 gpus…