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Motherboard not detecting new GPU's

my bios say one of my pcie slots had an error? My motherboard has 8 pcie slots and 1 pci slot. I got a new 3070 and no matter what pcie slot I hook it up to it says there is an error. I tried to used a pcie 1/4 splitter as well in a pcie slot that was already in use but then hive os wouldn’t detect the new gpu just the old one that was already hooked up to that slot

Could it be a bad GPU?

What would you recommend to do next?

Crinkledaces — Today at 5:09 PM
I just tried a 2nd card and it didn’t work either is there a limit to how many GPU’s a mother board can handle?

My motherboard has 8 pcie slots and 1 pci slot I have 7 GPU’s hooked up to it and trying to fill in the rest of the slots to 9 total

Don’t know if this makes a difference but I do have 1 AMD card hooked up all the rest are Geforce

1 RX 6700XT
2 RTX 3070 LHR
2RTX 3070 Non LHR
1 RTX 3070 TI
1 RTX 3080

Already purchased but not installed due to this issue is
1 3070 LHR
1 3080 LHR


TZ590-BTC DUO BIOSTAR Group (5.19 09/29/2021)


12 × Intel(R) Core™ i5-10400 CPU @ 2.90GHz AES

Disk Model


what error? do you have all the mining optimal settings enabled in the bios?

Gen 1
4G decoding enabled
onboard Audio off


Both grayed out Pcie slots on this picture wont work when I plug in a GPU they turn red which the table above says pcie error



were you able to solve the problem?

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