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Motherboard BTC D37 GPU not detected


I have a problem with the BTC D-37 motherboard. We recently had a fire in the building and there was dirt everywhere from black smoke, while cleaning the room I cleaned the miner too (I took out the GPU, dusted it off and put it back in, as I always do).
After this operation, the miner does not see the GPU, the system starts HIVEOS, there is voltage on the PICE because the GPU fans spin slightly when system starting, and GPUs get slightly warm, but HIVEOS does not detect any GPU (RX-580)

things I checked:

  • I plugged the GPU into other slots
  • I checked with another GPUs
  • checked with single GPU in
  • updated Hiveos
  • I reset the BIOS
  • power cables are connected to the motherboard and to the GPU

any ideas? never used Windows to mining and didnt chceck if it works on windows.
GPU is OK, checked on PC and its visable.

have you tried other power cables/power supplies as well?

thanks for answer,
Yes, i just did it - just got new power supply and still same sh!t :frowning: