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Motherboard boot nothing

Its trying to boot the USB stick on my rig and nothing shows up . I have ;
biostar 250 btc pro
gen 7 CPU
caleron 3930
8x 580 amd
2 X 4gb of ram
I bought it use from a dude and the first time I tried set it up hiveos showed up on the screen for 30 min and then disappear and it never showed again I try changing the ram , remove the dust and disconnected GPU to try whit only one etc . Nothing and the bios never showed up too . So I bought to day a new motherboard of the same marque because I thought because the bios didn’t showed up it meant it was probably fried . But after installing the new one the same thing happen hiveos booted up on the rig and actually mine for 1 hours before stopping when I tried to boot it happen the same thing happen no bios black screen . Could someone help me find a solution

Try without any gpus, work on getting it booting into the bios first.

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