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Most important things that get overlooked

Can someone explain this to me. My mining hashrate has been between 299 and 300 mh/s for the last 3 days (first screen shot below), but when I check under my miner statistics, the Realtime hashrate is only 247.92 mh/s, Reported hash rate is 185.88 mh/s, Average hashrate is 293.69 mh/s and Reported hashrate over 24 hours is only 149.62 mh/s. Please see screen shots below. Is there always so much dicrepency in hash rate reporting and are these numbers consistent with normal activity?


I don’t know the technical answer to this, but from my own experience, over time the reported hashrate oscillates within a certain range of your actual rig hash rate. I’d hazard a guess and say it’s on average ± 10% either side of your rig output rate. The mean obviously is just an average of your reported hashrate overtime.
What I’ve observed is that the longer you mine, and your rigs remain stable (even if you add or reduce gpus), the mean reported hashrate will start to gravitate towards your actual rig hashrate (remember sometimes the reported is above). See my own hashrate graph

look sfom hiveon stats your hash rate craph when you have had steady run for a while, your reported and mean hash should be close together, if there is a big gap, you reported is travelling much higher, your oc settings are too high

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