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Most efficient GPU for HiveOS 2019? New/Used Price to MHs to Watt

Hi guys,
i live in Germany so power effeciency really matters to me.

I have a view Saphire+ 580, 29,5 MHs at 78W (in HiveOS) running.
So i wonder does it realy make sense to buy new cards if you can grab
even a 8GB RX 4/580 for about 120 USD at eBay?

Please let me know and share your experience with me.
Wich new cards make sense under HiveOS for you?

Please no theroretical discussions just cards that you really have
in your HiveOS Rig running stable.

Thank you so much for your help.


I don’t have the at-the-wall measuring device. We can calibrate the software to that, as we also get numbers to compare gpu’s.

In software, I see low to mid 20’s of khash’s of RYO per kwh, xmr-stak miner.

I am using my log script to calculate from /var/log/hive-agent.log what my kHash of RYO coin per kwh is, in software not at the wall.

I am showing my OC and xmr-stak configs at a gallery.. I should mine something more common, like Monero XMR at least if not ether. I should calculate how many coin per kwh, from kHash. I have not mined ether at all. This is my first rig. OK, 31 ryo coin per 12 kwh here.