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Most efficient AMD Mining Cards for Ethash

Hey Guys,

i want to start a big Thread about the Topic what kind of AMD GPU ist the most efficient?

Maybe a lot of Guys looking for the MAX Hashrate, but im looking for most efficient, less energy Consumption for a better World :smiley:

For me atm its the 5700 XT Model used in TeamRedMiner B-Mode

Im excited about your results :slight_smile:

Have a nice Mining Day


If you start a big thread about this, then you should also be the first to share results instead of expecting everyone else sharing results.
Maybe start with why you like that 5700XT so much; e.g. what’s the wattage/hashrate ratio? What did you compare it with? …
For example, I get these WHr’s (lower=better):
GTX 1070: ~4
GTX 1080ti: ~3.6
RX580 Samsung: ~2.3
Vega 56 Hynix: ~2.4
Vega 56 Samsung: ~2.4
Vega 56 Gigabyte: ~3.3
Vega 64: ~2.6

I really didn´t expect that everybody has to show results here. This should just be an Collection of Results.

With my Rig i get 366,9 Mhs per 582 Watts, so i have 0,63 MHs/W what i think is a fantastic result.

I´ve addes my Configuration in Hiveos :slight_smile:

this is not my final version, im still on finetuning for the Maximum of efficiency.

Moertel187… You are not using 582 Watts, dude.

AMD’s power consumption numbers are completely false. Don’t be fooled.

You need to buy a meter (for example, a “Kill-a-Watt”) and measure the actual consumption at the wall outlet in watts.

Typically, my RX5700 and RX5700 XTs pull about 170-200 watts each mining at 57Mh/s when measured at the wall with a 1100 watt 80-plus Gold rated PSU.

HiveOS is simply reporting the driver’s power estimation for the GPU chip only, not including the entire card (VRAM, voltage regulators, etc). Plus, there are losses at the motherboard, power supply and cooling you need to account for when running a mining rig.

Don’t get me wrong… you’re probably very profitable… RX 5700s are amazing cards that have the BEST hashrate-to-dollar values. (Hashrate-to-watts is another stupid metric… Watts are cheap for most people… the cards are NOT cheap. If a card takes 8-12 months to pay itself off, it might as well be a boat anchor)

Well yes, but if it comes to efficiency of cards, PSU and all the other stuff doesn´t matter.

This Thread is about the best GPU and not the about the most efficient mining RIG. So i think the only stats that are important are the Mhs/W per GPU.

Everybody know that this are not the only costs. But for comparing just the different Cards, only the Mhs/W per GPU are interesting, or im wrong?

Think about it…

Hypothetically, if the driver says 74 watts, but the actual power consumption of the card is the same (or only a few watts different) as when the software said 94 watts, is it really 20 watts more efficient??


You can find people on other forums who found that AMD’s numbers didn’t actually show the same change in power consumption. I’m fact, in many cases, the actual power consumption didn’t change at all!

I’m a proud owner of an AMD GPU household, with only one Nvidia card in service, but their drivers are really bad when it comes to their GPU power estimates.

That’s why this is an AMD thread to ensure comparability, even if the AMD GPUS are supposedly all wrong, it doesn’t make any difference in efficiency. If all are wrong, you can still compare them.

There is an NVIDIA thread and an AMD thread and I don’t want to compare the efficiency between Nvidie and AMD GPUS or drivers here.

This thread is just for MHs / watt comparisons that are displayed in Hiveos. Everyone can decide for themselves whether that makes sense.

But this way we get at least a few numbers that we can compare and estimate with each other.

We don’t have to make rocket science out of it here.

My bad… I thought this was a serious discussion. I didn’t realize you were pretending.

RX 6000 series might be the most effective ones once they eventually get their mining optimizations

Im also thinking about this, do you believe the RX 6000 Version can beat the Boss 5700 XT in future? Tomorrow there will be released a new Card from AMD. Very excited about that.


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