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More than 8 GPU - BTC T37 Motherboard

I have a PCIE splitter installed, it worked with 1 GPU plugged into it (8 total in the board) but trying to add a 9th GPU, it doesn’t show. The GPU was in the rig previously so I know it works, just seem to be having trouble getting the 9th GPU recognised. Any help appreciated

My advice is use them with 8 cards as they were intended, as they work excellent that way without issue. And if you need a lot of cards on a single board use a proven board like the b250 mining expert or h110 pro btc.

But if you’re dead set using a pcie splitter, know that some cards work better on splitters, and some don’t work at all. Try other cards and see what works best on the splitter. I’ve seen people run 12 1660S off of them, but like I said depending on card types it will be hit or miss.