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More shares from single rtx 3080 than 3x rtx 3070?

I started my rig on Hiveon yesterday and a little time after also put my single gpu of m gaming pc on the the same pool.

Rig: 6x RTX 3070 asus tuf oc (all the same model)
Pc: 1x RTX 3080 asus tuf oc

I noticed a strange outcome:

6x3070= 6355 valid shares = 1060 shares per card
1x3080= 3979 valid shares

That means the 3080 is equaling 3*3070s.

1x 3070= 62 MHs
1x 3080= 96 MHs

Can someone explain to me what is happening?

Any ideas?

This pic shows it even better.

Can you show me overclocks for the 3070s?

dont worry, your rig with more hashpower are getting shared with more dificulty, at the end it means same incomming value

checkout this topic please

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