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More power supply questions

Ok so I want to get a 750 watt server PSU but I’m wondering how do I power my motherboard? do i get a 6pin to 24 pin? would that be too much power for a 6pin? do I have to have an atx psu?

Multiple options
Pico psu
Small/cheap atx psu (200-400w)
Zsx breakout board (best setup, but they’re like 6x more expensive than a regular breakout board)

so I have a 250 watt atx I dont use. could I power the board with the atx and power the gpus with the server psu?

Yep, just don’t mix and match psus for any single card. If you keep the atx psu for just the motherboard you’re good to run risers and cards off the server psu

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Oh also are 750watt server psu’s loud? it’s not a huge problem but just preferably not really loud

all depends on the load/temp. if youre using 750w out of them, yeah theyre noisy, 5-600w, no louder than a gpu with its fans at max

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