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More friends are suggesting that I buy the S19j Pro instead of the S19XP

I have received a lot of advice and learned a few things, but it still gives me a headache.

Yes, if I use Luxos to overclock the 100TH S19j Pro to 120TH, the power consumption would be around 3500-3700 watts (depending on the temperature) with two additional 730 CFM fans on top. Let’s assume 3800 watts for 120TH, which would be 1.824MW, costing around $36.50 in electricity.

Even with a pool like VitaBTC, which may not offer the highest pay but is stable based on my experience, I could potentially pull in $170 per day before factoring in electricity costs. The daily profit would be around $133.50.

Comparing the prices, the S19XP is priced at $3145, while the S19j Pro is priced at $1150 source: There might be many other options, but I don’t want to wait any longer. I want to challenge myself and try the S19j Pro first.

Research is key, weigh your options, come up with a goal/plan, and implement it. As i mentioned before the cheaper/less efficient s19s make more sense for a very low power cost. The end goal is to mine as much btc as you can at the lowest cost, so you just need to find that happy balancing point of upfront investment and potential return.

Are you sure about that. Sounds really high for 1 unit.