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Monitoring claymore-x?

Hi !

I used claymore for ethash and no problem for web monitoring on port 3333.

I switched to claymore-x for mining cryptonightV7. But impossible to monitoring !
Is it another port ? Is it possible ? An option in the miner i missed ?

Thanks for your help !

PS : Because monitoring is the only way to know which card invalidate the shares when OC. HiveOs give the total of the cards, not the details…

Claymore GPU Cryptonote uses port 3337

Thanks !!

Because i’m lazy, i just added the -mport 3333 on the parameters for not redefine the NAT on the router and not change my parameters on my monitoring sotware on android.

But i think i discovered a bug : in hiveos, the rig is online, but the rates for each card are n/a !

It seems that hiveos is watching the port 3337 and don’t like if we change it …