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Monitoring 2nd miner

I have 2 wallets setup that have 2 miners configured each:

  1. Claymore
  2. EthMiner

Claymore mines with different cards to EthMiner, obviously.

Both Claymore and EthMiner are mining on

In this situation can HiveOS monitor mining activity from both Claymore and EthMiner at the same time and show correct stats on the Monitor page?

I know Claymore defaults to port 3333 for monitoring, does EthMiner default to a different port (I can’t find info online, I looked), or does it also use 3333?

My concern is that there will be a conflict between the two miners both trying to use the same port, and also that your monitoring agent can only monitor one thing at a time ?

Please clarify on how that all works.

All miners at HiveOS which have API use different ports.
Answering to your question:
Claymore - 3333
EthMiner - 3334

HiveOS agent gets stats info from API, so no conflicts there. Don’t worry - keep mining )

Similar “problem” here, on a rig I mine XMR with cards that gets too hot for ETH, and ETH on remaing cards (3/3). I use claymore/cmaymore-x as second miner, but stats gets confused on the interface. Maybe I have to figure out the best way to set it up, but for the monent I let it this way.

Notice top row stats, twice the same info, but on the left column stats are different

@HaloGenius: Thanks for the info. Last night I figured out the 2 different ports while I was setting up more rigs and learning my way around HiveOS :slight_smile: