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Hi I have tried mining with monero7 but my shares get reject. I have also tried mining heavy using sumakoin with the same problems.
I have the latest hiveos 5-50.
This my extra args section of xmr stak

“cpu_threads_conf” : [{“low_power_mode”:false,“no_prefetch”:true,“affine_to_cpu”:0}, {“low_power_mode”:false,“no_prefetch”:true,“affine_to_cpu”:1},{“low_power_mode”:false,“no_prefetch”:true,“affine_to_cpu”:2},{“low_power_mode”:false,“no_prefetch”:true,“affine_to_cpu”:3}, ]
“nicehash_nonce”: true
“currency” : “monero7”

Which miner do u use?
XMR-Stak or XMR-Stak-CPU
XMR-Stak-CPU not support CN-v7

with affine seems xmr-stak but does it work with nicehash ??

Yes it work … but AFAIK had problems early with generation config with option “nicehash_nonce”: true which must be present at pools field for NiceHash. I’m don’t know solved it or not

yes it has been solved i belive since by just adding “use_nicehash” : true to config override made xmr-stak mine on nh with same hs as with monero7

good to know i think