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Monero mining does not seems to be display properly / Failed to switch from ETH to XMR?

Since it seems with proof of work Ethereum mining has failed, I am trying to set up to mine Monero, using MyMonero wallet. (The wallet itself might be an issue! Please confirm if it isn’t accepted by HiveOS and what wallet should I use in this case)

So I created a new wallet new flight sheet, attached it to the miner, using nanopool and hoped it will just going to start mining to the new wallet (old one was for ETH chain only)

When I login to the miner and check the agent screen, xmr-stak shows Hashrate xmr-stak 1.2707 kH/s (after some zero kH/s)

But I don’t see anything on HiveOS (note - I turned off watchdog cause thought the error minimal hashrate not set might have caused some issues)

My question can be summarized as please help. What am I missing? What else should I be checking? Thank you

You’re cpu mining and looking at your gpus for stats.

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How do I switch to GPU? to my understanding, Monero is GPU mining compatible

Edit - oohhh my god its right there in line 2, CPU config …

Monero on randomx algo isn’t gpu friendly

Is rx/0 algo? (I found XMR new has different Algo)

Yeah that’s randomx. You’ll want to find another coin to mine on the gpus

But Monero should be GPU minable. Can’t I just switch to a pool that support it?

Edit - or it isn’t ? Thats what I get from checking a few webpages on what should I mine other then ETH

monero isn’t really a good algo for gpus.

take a look at these sites

As to what to mine now, that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles

many coins will go the way of the dodo, and others might not gain enough to compensate the toils and power you spent mining them

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Don’t try to mine xmr on gpus, there are 1000 better coins to mine. You need to do your own research on what is profitable for your hardware, or for coins you believe in and want to support the network with your hardware. Xmr is a cpu coin.

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