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Mixed Rig GPU Fan Issues

Hey everyone,

I have finally set up my mining rig with the hardware in place I am getting frustrated at this situation. To start, I have 3 PNY 1660S, RX 580 8GB Sapphire Pulse, Seasonic Focus Plus 1000W PSU, i5 10400 CPU, 8GB RAM, and a B460 HD3 motherboard from GIGABYTE. I am able to start the Miner, it registers the AMD GPU and one NVIDIA 1660S. I removed the third 1660S to see if that was the issue. So, I reboot with the RX 580, and two 1660S. They are identified and running, but the fan for the second one does not spin. Upon boot it starts but then dies out instantly. I swapped the GPU whos fan was not working with the same result. I plugged both of them into my gaming PC and they both work. I then plugged in the 1660 from my gaming PC into the rig and that was registering, with full fan functionality. I changed BIOS in the MOBO for GEN2, swapped all PCIe risers but onyly one . I am not sure what else to do and cannot find a solution. Any help would be gratly appreciated.

Thanks and happy mining.

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