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Mixed nvidia+amd


I use Claymore DUAL miner and have 2 Radeons + 4 NVIDIA 1080 Ti. The NVIDIA is almost all time at max hash (ETH) but Radeons is dropping ETH almost every second from 28,5 to 5 -10 Mhash.

Any help?

there are too many possibilities and too little information to analysis

  • check power settings
  • check avg cpu load
  • … for future request write more info as possible, attach logs, etc

Power settings cannot be, its Radeon…

CPU load avg (1, 5, 15 min): 2.88 2.9 2.76

How I can export log via web UI?

EDIT: When I start noly Radeon, same issue… seems live HiveOS-related problem…even TDP is some insane number :D.

Go in Terminal and type “htop” enter and look wich process does the
high CPU load?

Wich kind of Radeons? Do they have a proper mining bios?
It sounds that they are throttling cause of reaching max heat or power.

Go in Overclocking and try changing Core State Index and set the card
to DPM Power Level to the maximum “7” does it get to hot your Bios
is crap and you have to undervolt tje card via HiveOs or better flash
a proper mining bios.

Remember this cards are made for gaming. With Linux mining drivers you press
out everything the card can give - and yes most cards get to hot or draw
to much power and will be reduced by their own bios.