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Mixed card RX 580 Rig

After a bit of a battle I’ve finally got my rig up and running - big thanks to everyone on this forum for all the help given to other people that has helped me.

Cann anyone help tune it a bit better? I’d like to get the watts down without affecting the hash rate if possible

You have put some of them to the max. I really am impressed they work. They are all bios modded right? Do you have free electricity? Because you pumped them very good but they waste much energy, you need to fid the sweet spot where you can reduce the core clock and mem and reduce the watts consumed with minimal hashrate loss. The ones 1100 core clocks i thing can run with 800 core voltage, or 825 which will reduce the watts.

Thanks I managed to drop those two cards down a bit without affecting the hash rates too much.

Yes they are all bios modded and I’m doing this more for fun than profit so the minimal gains I make are just a bonus , plus I’m thinking HODL anyway.

I’m using green energy so as long as I’m not making a loss I’m happy

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