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Mixed AMD & Nvidia cards in Hiveos linux?

I currently have Hiveos running in Linux off a USB drive (0.6-203@210421) with several 3080’s. I would like to add an AMD 6800 to this and was wondering if this is possible or is the only way to have mixed rig to run it in a windows environment?

Yes you can run both in the same rig. I had 1xAMD and 4xNvidia before I split them up. They ran fine together. I used “teamredminer” for my AMD, and “PhoenixMiner” for my NVidia cards.

OK, thanks. I wasn’t sure since the only posts I could find about running a 6800 was that you had to use the beta version of Hive OS and you couldn’t mix Nvidia and AMD cards together with the beta version.

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