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Mixed AMD and Nvidia setup

I have a mixed rig of AMD cards and added an Nvidia 3060ti. I REALLY was not sure exactly how to do this with the flight sheets so I created a new flight sheet. I added teamredminer and trex miner to the flight sheet. Now both miners are showing hashing being done … about 60MH for the Nvidia, and 450ish for the amd however on the mining pool it only shows approx 450 MH coming in from this worker. Is there something I may not have done properly or included? I see the miner is hashing for trex… but somehow ethermine isn’t seeing it. I am including 2 screenshots… not sure if there is something else I need to activate… am I supposed to use 2 flight sheets instead?

you can use nbminer, work fine for amd and nvidia cards.

I’m testing it now. It seems to be working… I had to tune a few cards a little bit but so far its working. I’m getting lower hash rates than with phoenix miner but it seems its more stable so I prefer that.

nice, good mining <0.

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