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Mixed AMD and NVidia Rig issues

Hi there,

On one hand, I need some advice on setting up the rig. I have an AMD 580 card (the last one on the list) with the fan always high! I have already done everything I could imagine, change the thermal paste, the heating pads, add a fan to the front, etc., but I always get the same result, the fun gets 75%. But the other 580 cards, which are the same brand and model, perform better with a lower fan speed.
Also with this particular card, I cannot lower the VDD less than 880, because it stops the hashing.
Any clue?

On the other hand, any advice to properly configure TI 3080 cards? Is there a way to get the fans working at a lower speed or %?

Worst of all, the operating system reboots without warning! It happens about 8 times a day.
Why is it so unstable?

System configuration:

  • Celeron 4930
  • Mother Z390P
  • 8GB RAM Crusial
  • 1200 watt crusial power supply.
  • Hive OS: 0.6-209@210819
  • AMD driver version 20.40 (5.11.0701)
  • NVidia driver version 460.84
  • phoenixminer-ver. 5.4c v.PM 5.4c for ETH
  • t-rex v.0.21.6 for RVN

Any help would be appreciated.

Remove the DPM states for the rx 580s they dont need it. With this core clock you should be able to run the cards with 800-831 voltage. Whats interesting for me is the vbios used. Can you download it from the gpu and upload it here to check it?

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